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Vision Pro Matte Helmet - BS24

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Nothing should hold you back. Not fear. Not doubters. Not opponents. And definitely not your softball gear. With RIP-IT softball helmets, nothing comes between you and your best at bat. So step up to the plate and swing with unwavering confidence.

Product Benefits:

  1. Better visibility. Fastpitch helmet with a wider field of view and better peripheral vision.
  2. Eliminates glare. Blackout Technology coating inside bars eliminates distracting glares.
  3. Moisture wicking. Wrapped padding manages dampness and reduces irritation.
  4. Ultra lightweight. Designed to reduce weight without sacrificing strength.
  5. Comfortable fit. Dual-layer padding adds protection and form-fitting comfort.
  6. Cooling technology. 21 strategically placed air vents keep you cool.