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Skate Sharpening


 Individual sharpen  $10.00 +gst

 5 Sharpen pass      $40.00 +gst

 10 Sharpen pass    $75.00 +gst

 20 Sharpen pass    $130.00 +gst

Evolution Sports Excellence is proud to offer Elite Blade Performance Technology
We are proud to be partnering with Elite Blade Performance Technology to bring you the top-of-the-line innovation in skate blade sharpening and profiling equipment.
About Elite
Trusted supplier of blade performance technology to NHL, AHL, NCAA and CHL teams, ELITE Blade Performance Technology is a Canadian manufacturer of high-precision skate blade profilers and computer-controlled, fully automated skate blade sharpeners. Elite’s machines represent a revolutionary advancement in the science of blade preparation and performance. Over 55 pro teams across North America have switched to the Elite system in the past few years.
Precision Sharpening
What makes the Elite System different is its revolutionary sharpening technology. Elite’s fully computerized, automated sharpener controls the sharpening process with extreme precision.
  • Steel wheels ensure a consistent radius of hollow;
  • Center-mounting clamps provide a perfectly centered groove down the middle of the blade for perfect edges;
  • Computerized algorithms guarantee a uniform removal of steel along the entire length of the blade to preserve the profile perfectly every time.
As well, the Elite system is fast and efficient, so we are able to sharpen skates faster than ever before.  We offer hollows from ¼” to 1 ¼. Come see our experts and let us help you with your sharpening needs.

WE also offer BLADEMASTER  skate sharpening services.

ESE Pro Shop staff are professionally trained, providing you with an elite sharpening service.

The #1 skate care company worldwide, Blademaster equipment can be found in over 50 countries. The Choice of Professionals, Blademaster is trusted by eight of the top national hockey federations and endorsed by the Society of Professional Hockey Equipment Managers (SPHEM).

Come visit us today, we would be glad to discuss our skate sharpening service and process!