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The SpeedBlade + 4.0 holder is CCM’s premier holder made to give you extra height off the ice for a deep and most aggressive angle of attack in hockey. CCM conducted several tests to determine the best holder height to provide maximum performance. The end result is the added 4.0 mm of height. This greater angle of attack allows for faster strides and a tighter turn radius. Added SpeedRibs give additional strength and stability to the skater providing exceptional turning in tight corners.

  • The SpeedBlade + 4.0 is the highest holder in hockey providing the highest angle of attack, this increases the turning radius by up to 10% for tighter turns and the most aggressive angle of attack.
  • The holder will be 4.0mm higher than CCM’s previous E-Pro/E-Blade holders
  • Integrated SpeedRibs give additional strength & stability
  • The ribs and triangular design increase torsional rigidity for more strength and extreme speed
  • The holder design will provide less torsion, and vertical/horizontal deflection