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Evolution Sports Excellence 4 On 4 Spring Hockey League

Welcome To The Evolution Sports Excellence Spring 4 On 4 Hockey League Page!
Division Age Groups Are 9U, 11U, & 13U
For More Information, Questions, or Concerns
Please Call The Store @ (587) 410 4530 & Ask For Donnie or Darrell!
Or Send an E-Mail to ""
If You're Ready To Sign Up Click The Link Below.
All scheduling and registration is to be done on Teamsnap
We Look Forward To Seeing You At The Evaluation Skate!
Full breakdown of League and Game rules at the bottom of the page. 
Evolution Sports Spring 4 on 4 Hockey League Information
          Fast Pace, Live Puck Play! Improve Skills and Skating
  • League will consist of Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday game slots one hour a week for 8 weeks.
  • Includes one hour of power skating and one hour goalie training
  • Registration is $380 (includes gst)
  • Female and male players welcome
  • Female players may play one year overage
  • Please register the division player would be registered in 2023-2024 season
  • Divisions consist of U9, U11 and U13
  • Games will have one referee and one timekeeper
  • Each team will consist of a minimum of 12 players and one goalie.
  • Each team will be set up on team snap for communication.
  • Stats and goals will be updated weekly on team snap.
  • If cancelled for any circumstances out of the Leagues control $250 due to restrictions a refund will be sent back to the registrant and the player will keep their jersey.
  • When using spares to fill a roster coaches must use another alike player same calibre as the missing player (Example)
A player-replace with any
B player -replace with B or C player
C player -replace with C player
  • Any questions during the season contact the league rep
Darrell Saunders (780)918-5295
Donnie (780)217-1972
Evolution Sports Spring 4 on 4 Hockey Game Rules
  1. All Hockey Canada rules are in effect noted below.
  2. All players must wear a CSA approved helmet and full hockey equipment including neck guards.
  3. The game will consist of two 25 minute halves with a 3 minute warm up and no switching sides.
  4. Teams are only allowed a maximum of 4 skaters on the ice, unless the goalie is removed from the net or a 5 goal lead is established known as the power play.
  5. If a team leads by 5 goals or more at any time during the game, the opposing team will gain a “Power play” and will be allowed to have 5 skaters on the ice against the leading team’s 4 skaters. If the deficit returns to less than 5, the game will return to 4 on 4.
  6. No body checking is allowed in any of the divisions.
  7. New rule- there will be no Buzzer for line change coaches will make their own line changes , There must be equal ice time for all players!
  8. New rule- when a penalty is called the whistle will blow the player that was the victim of the penalty will be rewarded a penalty shot and will line up on the centre ice face off dot, and the home team will kneel on the one side on the red line and away team will line up on the other side of him on a knee once ready the ref will blow the whistle puck carrier will take off once the puck carrier crosses the blue line the other players can get up and pursue the puck carrier and play is back on.
  9. Minimal face-offs will occur to ensure good flow and pace to the game. Face-offs will occur when the puck leaving the ice surface, high sticks, glove passes, injuries and at the referee’s direction.
  10. When a goal is scored the team who scores must retreat to their half of the ice and are not able to cross the red line until the puck crosses the red line.
  11. New rule- If a player is given 5 penalties in a game that player will be ejected for the remainder of that game ,There will be no further suspension and can resume the next game, Referee will give a warning at the 4th penalty if the circumstance allows.
  12. If an offside is committed the referee will blow his/her whistle and a change of possession will occur. All players of the offside team must clear the attacking zone (outside the blue line) until all the players have left the zone just like a delayed offside in regular rules.
  13. If the goalie covers the puck, the referee will blow his/her whistle and all players of the offending team are required to clear the attacking zone (outside the blue line) until all the offending players have left the zone, similar to a delayed offside in regular rules.
  14. Ties will remain a tie at the end of the game.
  15. New Rule-No icing live play
  16. MAIN GOAL IS HAVE FUN!!!!!!!
Refund Policy Evolution Spring 4 on 4
Once evaluations have started there will be no refunds, the League has held a spot for your child that includes a jersey, ice fees, Powerskating session and referee and timekeeper fees.
In the event of a serious injury the League would look at a pro-rated refund based on the situation. 
If you have questions or concerns regarding this policy please reach out to Darrell Saunders