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Bat Trade-In

Bought a bat from us and looking to Trade It Up for a newer model? We have you covered. All Slo-Pitch bats purchased from EVOLUTION are eligible for the Trade’n Save Program. Here’s how it works:

  • 1-60 days old 50% back towards a new bat ($165 max)
  • 61-90 days old 40% back towards a new bat ($132 max)
  • 91-120 days old 35% back towards a new bat ($115 max)
  • 121-200 days old 30% back towards a new bat ($99 max)
  • 201-365 days old 25% back towards a new bat ($82 max)
  • 365-730 days old 20% back towards a new bat ($66 max)

All trade values are based on the average $330 model Bat, but can be applied to any model slo-pitch bat. Max Trade value can not exceed 50% of your new or used bat purchase price before tax.

- Bat being traded must be bought from us with the original receipt in hand or in our system for verification. 
- Trade can not be used towards other gear, store credits, or gift card purchases.  
- Your trade in value can only be used towards purchasing another new OR used bat (up to 50% of the purchase, or up to max value allowed per rules above). 
- Your total bat trade value is based on the total before tax purchase price on your receipt. 
- Trade can only be applied to Regular / MAP / MSRP price (not off sale price). 
- No additional discounts or promo cards valid with trade-ins. 
- Traded bat can be no more than 730 days since the original purchase.
- All used bats re-sold have a 30 day in-house exchange / warranty towards another used bat. 
- Trade in must have no visible dents or cracks, must have receipt in hand or in our system for verification.  
- Only 1 to 1 trades, we can not take more than one bat towards your purchase