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BB BAT EASTON B5 (2-5/8"-3) -BS22 32"/29Oz

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Easton B5 Pro BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB21B5

Hop in a time machine and go back to the 1970s & 1980s when the B5 from Easton ruled the baseball scene! However, don't let the vintage look of this bat fool you. This bat will perform alongside the best BBCOR baseball bats out there!

Bat Benefits

Easton is bringing forth a one-piece, all-alloy bat that is outfitted with some performance-increasing and comfort-increasing features.

The top-rated Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction (ATAC Alloy) from Easton is going to be featured on this bat. And if that weren't enough, they have also decided to add different wall thicknesses to the barrel to allow it to have a very long sweet spot. As well, they put in the work to make the bat have a stiff feel so that all the energy players put into the swing will go into the baseball at contact. Lastly, the VRS handle insert mitigates vibration and allows for a clean feel when barreling up a baseball

  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter

  • -3 Length-To-Weight Ratio

  • Balanced Swing Feel

  • One-Piece, All-Alloy Baseball Bat

  • BBCOR .50 Certified For High School and College Play

  • Legal For Play In Intermediate (50-70) & Junior League Divisions Of Little League

  • Colorway: Silver | Green Graphics

  • Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction (ATAC) - Reinforced With Carbon Core Technology, Creating The Thinnest Walls In The Game And Pushing The Limit Of Performance

  • Barrel Features A Ring-less Design That Utilizes Different Layers Of Alloy Across The Barrel To Create A Giant Sweet Spot

  • Handle Is Extra Stiff To Allow Players To Feel Like All Their Swing Energy Gets Transferred Into The Baseball And Nothing Is Lost In A Barrel Flex.

  • VRS Handle Insert - Reinforces The Handle To Reduce Vibration And Provide A Smooth Feel at Contact

  • Speed End Cap Assists In Creating A More Flexible And Responsive Barrel

  • The B5 Was One Of The Most Popular Bats From Easton In The 1970s-1980s And Is Being Revived In The BBCOR Style For This Season