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BB GLOVE WILSON A2000 2800PS -First Base Mitt BS22

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Wilson gloves are carefully crafted with materials that perform, for dependable construction and constantly improving patterns. The evolution of the A2000® baseball glove has been driven by insights from the Wilson® Advisory Staff. This is why hard working players love its unmatched feel, rugged durability and perfect break-in.

- Wilson ball gloves are made of PRO STOCK® SELECT LEATHER, this American Steerhide is preferred by professional players for its durability and feel.

- Two strips of leather placed along each finger back make up the DUAL WELTING™ system, thus creating a durable pocket and a long lasting break-in.

- Exclusive hand designed patterns called PRO STOCK® PATTERNS are continuously improved by Aso-san and the Wilson Advisory Staff.

- Ultra-breathable wrist lining made of DRI-LEX® transfers moisture from the skin, keeping the hand cool and dry.

- 2x Lacing at Base of Web.

- Reinforced Single Post Web.

- Double Break Design.

- Grey/Black.